Sunday, 12 August 2007

Vittorio Cottafavi

Does anyone have any suggestions where to begin with Vittorio Cottafavi? He's sometimes referred to with Bava and Freda as one of the founding fathers of the Italian fantasy cinema, and would seem to have been to the peplum, which he specialised in / was associated with, something akin to what Leone is to the spaghetti western and (arguably) Argento to the giallo, but he's not a name that seems to occur that frequently nowadays.

Is it just that the peplum has not yet been rehabilitated and revalued, and that once we've exhausted the giallo, horror, poliziotto, mondo and sexy, we'll move on to superspy and peplum?


Tim Lucas said...

Begin with HERCULES AND THE CAPTIVE WOMEN. Better yet, start with the original version HERCULES CONQUERS ATLANTIS if you can find it. Then onto GOLIATH AND THE DRAGON... or THE VENGEANCE OF HERCULES, if you can find that version.

K H Brown said...

Thanks Tim - I've ordered the Something Weird Goliath and the Dragon / Conqueror of Atlantis disc to begin with.