Saturday, 18 August 2007

John Morghen

I was reading The Cambridge Companion to Modern Italian Culture last week, finding books of that sort to be useful in placing Italian cinema.

They are also a great source of little bits of trivia.

I noticed, for instance, that the primary schools programme in early Fascist era Italy was drawn up by one Giovanni Lombardo Radice, whilst elsewhere there is a reference to Porci con le ali by a Marco Lombardo Radice along with Lidia Ravera.

I wonder what their relationship, if any, is to iconic Italian genre film star John Morghen AKA Giovanni Lombardo Radice, especially since, if I remember correctly, part of the reason he took his pseudonym (the surname being a grandmother's) was not just to sound less Italian but also to distance his work in trash cinema from his family and his own theatre work.

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Anonymous said...

'John Morghen' has a myspace account :-

you could try asking him.