Saturday, 8 September 2007

Edwige Fenech clips

Here's a bunch of links to clips of Edwige Fenech from a variety of films, undoubtedly in various states of undress; I haven't tested all the links are still there; credit to the original rippers and uploaders whoever they may be...


Grazie nonna

Don Franco e Don Ciccio...

Samoa, regina della giungla

Io e Caterina

La Dottoressa del distretto militare

La Potata bollente

Others - the titles of the files indicate the films


Unknown said...

I tryed to download .mov clips, but apparently it does not contain the video part. I play it using Apple quick time

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if anyone knows what codec they used to make these clips I also can only get the audio to play.

Anonymous said...

Try to Play it using VLC media player , it works great ;)