Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A couple of Death Laid an Egg posters

Two US one-sheets for Giulio Questi and Franco Arcalli's Death Laid an Egg, one under the original title and the other as Plucked.

Managed to get the Plucked one on Ebay; now want the other one to go alongside it and the Italian locandina


DrunkethWizerd said...

These posters pretty much suck as far as I'm concerned... but, I did get to see this movie at the Brattle and it was AWESOME!

Also, that Blonde chick is totally hot.

K H Brown said...

I think the Death Laid an Egg one is better than the Plucked one.

If you enjoyed Death Laid an Egg I'd recommend Tinto Brass's With Heart in Mouth, which also features Ewa Aulin and is similarly pop-art/weird.

Elliot James said...

One of the oddest, unconventional giallos ever. If it could even be called a giallo.