Thursday 20 January 2011

Some good films

Not necessarily Eurotrash, but in that marginal, littoral zone between art and non-art...

Malpertuis (Kumel)
Beatrice Cenci (Fulci)
Closed Circuit (Montaldo)
Fear in the City (Vernueil)
Unman, Wittering, Zigo (Mackenzie)
The Offence (Lumet)
Ganga and Hess (Gunn)
Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take One (Greaves)
Cutter and Bone (Ivan Passer)


dfordoom said...

Malpertuis is a brilliant film. Definitely closer to art than eurotrash (although I happen to love eurotrash).

Soukesian said...

Malpertuis is an all time favorite, and the novel is great too - check out the fabulous @las Press paperback.

Not sure where I saw Close Circuit - definitely in my early teens, perhaps late night on BBC2 or maybe at a SF Convention in Glasgow. It's amazing, and it's a real shame it's so forgotten - being rather crudely ripped-off for Demons probably didn't help!

Haven't seen any of the other titles, but I'll definitely be looking for them.

Anonymous said...

have you seen fulci's "the devil's honey?"