Thursday 22 November 2007

A Cat o' Nine Tails question

How do people understand Braun's murder and the discovery of his body by Manuel and Giordani in Cat o' Nine Tails.

Did Manuel's ex- kill Braun and send Giordani there in the hope of implicating him in the crime, or was Braun killed by Casoni because he knew too much / was a threat?

I guess the vagueness here reflects the way in which throughout the film no-one really knows much about the others' motives, as with the not quite intersecting blackmail and industrial espionage conspiracies; well, that and the need to fit a German guest star into the film for the co-production partners and their krimi audience...

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Anonymous said...

I always figured he was killed by the scientist (Casoni?). I never really thought about the gay angle having anything to do with the murder. I haven't watched the film recently though, so I could be wrong.