Saturday, 26 May 2007


One interesting fragment in Mary Wood's discussion of Italian noir is her mention of the character Za-la-Mort, featured with his female partner in crime Za-la-Vie in a silent-era Italian take off of Feuillade serials like Fantomas by Emilio Ghione, which she intriguingly mentions as forerunner to the likes of Diabolik.

Has anyone seen any of the Za-la-Mort films? Are they even available? They sound like a fascinating piece of film history that should be...

A nice reproduction of a German Za-la-Mort poster

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Anonymous said...

I'm an English MA student currently doing research into the Za La Mort films. They are not currently available, although I have a filmography of all of Ghione's films that lists the archive locations if you want. My address is j dot a dot north at durham dot ac dot uk.

There are two books on the subject, Vittorio Martinelli's Za La Mort and Denis Lotti's Emilio Ghione, l'ultimo apache (a better book in my opinion)