Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Nude... si muore

Dark Sky films, who have released some interesting horror stuff in recent months - I can recommend their Slaughter of the Vampires, Count Dracula and Berman / Baker double bill of Blood of the Vampire and The Hellfire Club - have also put out the Bava scripted, Margheriti directed Nude... si muore:

Not either man's finest hour and a half by any means as I remember it - I really should do a proper review some day - but is an enjoyable enough post-Bava, pre-Argento mid-late 1960s giallo as I remember it, with the ever-reliable Alan Collins / Luciano Pigozzi as a perving handyman and a sleuthing schoolgirl detective whose father is... well, watch it and find out.

Given that the packaging has the banner "The Antonio Margheriti Collection" I wonder what else may be forthcoming should it prove successful.

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Kim said...

Neber seen this one but just picked it up on DVD.
Is it any good?