Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Bruno Mattei

Seems that Bruno Mattei has died. Coincidentally I've watched three of his films recently - SS Girls and Women's Camp 119 for the first time, and Hell of the Living Dead for the umpteenth. I think there was also a recent view on which he worked as editor.

It seems, as with the deaths of Fulci and D'Amato, to signal the passing of an era in Italian exploitation - all the more so since he kept active right until the end.

While I would never say Mattei's films were good, they could usually be relied upon to deliver the goods. Indeed, part of the problem I had with Women's Camp 119 vis-a-vis SS Girls was that it seemed to be trying to something more than a straight ahead exploitationer. With SS Girls you could enjoy its camp excesses and the sheer ridiculousness of the sub-Salon Kitty shenanigans, whereas with Women's Camp 119 those same aspects undercut any sense of seriousness.


Anonymous said...

the guy died. you didn't even write RIP and all you had to say is how you liked this film and hated the other. who cares? he will be remembered. the shit you write won't.

K H Brown said...