Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Slash Hits Volume 2

This second volume in Midnight Media's ongoing Slash Hits series, subtitled Teens in Trouble, covers the peak years of the slasher film, 1980 to 1982, and is of interest to fans of Italian genre cinema fans for an all-encompassing approach that sees the likes of Joe D'Amato's Absurd, Romano Scavolini's Nightmares in a Damaged Brain, Ovidio G Assonitis's Madhouse, Fulci's The New York Ripper and Argento's Tenebrae being included alongside the more mainstream North American fare.

Taking a viewer's guide approach that recognises the main reasons many will have besides curiosity, nostalgia or completism for sitting through many of the examples contained within, each film is given ratings for boobs and blood.

These prove criteria by which Euro product often scores highly, The New York Ripper getting a maximum five on both scales and Tenebrae a four and a five - Friday the 13th gets only two and four by way of comparison.

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