Sunday, 11 March 2007

Words and pictures #2

How can any-space-whatever be constructed (in the studio or on location)? How can any-space-whatever be extracted from a given state of things; from a determinate space? The first way was shadow, shadows: a space full of shadows, or covered with shadows, becomes any-space-whatever. [...] Expressionism operates with darkness and light, the opaque black background and the luminous principle: the two powers couple together gripping like wrestlers, giving space a great depth, a prominent and distorted perspective, which will be filled with shadows, sometimes in the form of all the degrees of chiaroscuro, sometimes in the form of alternating and contrasted streaks. A 'Gothic' world, which drowns and breaks the contours, which endows things with non-organic life in which they lose their individuality, and which potentialises space, whilst making it something unlimited.
Gilles Deleuze - Cinema 1

The neo-Gothic, neo-Expressionist colourised any-space-whatevers of Inferno's New York Witch House, with colour as a third term to black and white; note the way the door on the right is now and now is not depending on the light / colour

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