Saturday, 24 March 2007

Death Laid an Egg

Tonight I had a very interesting experience: I screened Death Laid an Egg for some of my film society friends, none of whom had ever heard of, let alone seen the film before. Everybody in the admittedly small sample seemed to enjoy it, in its bizarre way, but what was also interesting, I felt, were the different 'pleasures of the text' that came through, with an appreciatiation - for instance - for the whole 60s design and costumes, the kind of retro / camp aspect that Gary Needham talks about in his introduction to the form. Indeed, one of my friends said she was inspired to go away and look at old dressmaking patterns and make something like one of Gina Lollobrigida's costumes.


Jan said...

I'd love to see that film. Here is an image of the cover of the soundtrack.

K H Brown said...

Very cool. I hadn't realised Bruno Maderna was an important modern composer.

Good write up of the film here BTW: