Saturday, 10 March 2007

Words and pictures #1

"Let us define the screaming point in a cinematic narrative as something that generally gushes forth from the mouth of a woman, which by the way does not have to be heard, but which above all must fall at an appointed spot, explode at a precise moment, at the crossroads of converging plot lines, at the end of an often convoluted trajectory, but calculated to give this point a maximum impact. The film functions like a Rube Goldberg cartoon mechanism full of gears, pistons, chains and belts – a machine built to give birth to a scream."
Michel Chion – The Voice in Cinema

The finale of Tenebrae

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Wostry said...

Well chosen moment, KH - it's rere that such a scream is actually justified in movies, but in Tenebre, at that point, it's the fantastic closing moment of one of the best finales ever.