Thursday, 15 March 2007

Lydia MacDonald

How does one go about researching a cult movie figure and making the case for them with 'official' culture?

Specifically Lydia MacDonald.

I am interested in her because she was born in Edinburgh, where I live, to an Italian mother and Scottish father, and went to Italy circa 1944, where she become the favoured vocalist of Piero Piccioni, one of the great composers of the Italian cinema.

I would like to see her get a plaque of acknowledgement like Alistair Sim and Sean Connery. (Within a mile of where I live there is also the HQ / office of J&B; I will need to get a photograph...)

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Lanarkish said...

I too have been fascinated by Lydia since chancing across a few of her records in a charity shop a few years back. I have a Decca 4 track EP and a Ted Heath Album both called "Will Ye No Come Back Again".
I can find just about nothing regarding Lydia's work and life on the net. Her voice is astonishing and yet she is almost unknown here in Scotland.
Have you heard "East Of The Sun"? This singer is surely standing in the same shoes as Ella? I will join you in the quest to erect a plaque to Lydia.