Saturday, 15 March 2008

Little Bava article by yours truly

On Cinefantastique online:

Thanks to Steve for inviting me to write it; it's for a Bava retrospective in Los Angeles and there are various other Bava pieces on the site, so even if this one doesn't tell you anything new you may find something of more interest elsewhere there.

Modestly; the appropriate tone for a director who once said that he only ever made bullshits...

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Joe D said...

Great article on Bava, I went to the opening night-Black Sunday, Black Sabbath. Then I went to Kidnapped, Shock and I'm planning on going to Whip and The Body, Kill Baby Kill and the closing night. It's great to see these films in a theater, although as Joe Dante commented in his introductory speech it's a much different experience seeing them at the Egyptian Theater than seeing them in their original grindhouse release.