Tuesday, 8 March 2011

European haunted house films

What are your top six European horror/fantastique films featuring haunted houses, loosely defined? I'm thinking of things like:

Castle of Blood
The Virgin of Nuremberg
Bloody Pit of Horror
Queens of Evil
Lisa and the Devil
The House by the Cemetery
The Beyond
A Blade in the Dark
Nude for Satan

Basically anything in which a house / hotel / castle is fairly central as a bad place, with a malign presence or influence being associated with it.


Giovanni Susina said...

My top six not from your list are
1) A virgin among the living dead
2) Requim for a Vampire
3) Dark Waters
4) Terror Creatures from the Grave
5) Human Beasts
6) Fangs of the Living Dead

Thanks Keith, that was fun... I never tire of the creepy threatening architecture location in horror, let alone Eurohorror...

Coolerking said...

I'd definitely put Danza Macabra on there, and probably The House with Laughing Windows also.

Very much enjoy your blog. Perhaps you'd care to have a look at mine and, if you like it, maybe we can exchange links.


Anonymous said...

Legend of hell house

Anonymous said...

yeah, i have to agree with anon (the other anon). legend of hell house wins.