Saturday, 7 August 2010

Giallo music mix

Here's some giallo related ear-candy

Track listing:
  1. Legowelt - Rain Season (Strange Life Records)
  2. Antoni Maiovvi - Nightmoves (Seed Records)
  3. I-F - Assault On Radical Radio (Disko B)
  4. Francesco - Clemente - Suoni Dalle Ombre Oltre (Crème Organization)
  5. Motiivi:Tuntematon - Mankind Failed (Kompakt Extra)
  6. gatekeeper - Optimus Maximus (Fright Records)
  7. The Hasbeens - Fall To Pieces (Frustrated Funk)
  8. John Carpenter - The President Is Gone (That's Entertainment Records)
  9. Tin Man - Riders (Cheap)
  10. Zerkalo - Last Meeting (Frustrated Funk)


Jonny said...

Very nice indeed! Good find Keith, thanks for the heads up.

K H Brown said...

I can't claim credit for the find - thanks are due to Martin McElroy for sending me the link.

Their radio program is here:

Martin Mc said...

Thanks for blogging this Keith. I'm chuffed.



otto rivers said...

Many thanks for that (and your blog).
I did myself a 2H Giallo Mix that you can take on my blog if you want. Here:
Keep the good work.