Sunday, 28 March 2010

Filmbar70 - monthly cult film screenings in London

"Filmbar70 is dedicated to the screening of cult, rare and exceptionally cool films heralding from the ‘golden age of exploitation’ - films made from the 60’s through to the fag end of the 80’s.

Basically, I’m doing this because I love these films and it would be great to get them more exposure.

We'll be kicking off in absolute style on April 13th at the Roxy Bar & Screen in London Bridge with the Italian crime classic 'Milano Calibro 9'.

Released in 1972, directed by the great Fernando Di Leo, 'Milano' delivers everything you would expect and want from a 70's crime thriller: outrageous action, threads to die for, gritty dialogue and insanely glamorous women. Not only all this, 'Milano' also exudes a noir-ish, brooding atmosphere compounded by a serpentine plot and complimented by great performances from genre favourites Gastone Moschin, Mario Adorf, Barbara Bouchet and Philippe Leroy."

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