Monday, 1 February 2010

More on Hess and Morgen: Now with MacColl and in Glasgow as well

"Hello comrades

A quick reminder to all...

On Sunday the 14th of March, at the Jekyll & Hyde pub (whom you know and love), there will be a special, one off, never seen before event. Legendary horror actors David Hess ("Last House on the Left" etc) and Giovanni Lombardo Radice ("City of the Living Dead" etc) will be in the pub, hanging out with all you lovely people, and doing a spot of autograph signing (which we must stress there will be a small fee for, as this is how these cats get their bread and butter) and Q&Aing. It's set to be an awesome event, and you lucky B-Teamers are getting discounted tickets at just £5! Or £6 for your horrible friends who aren't part of the B-Team, and the rest of the public.

I know you are all gagging for a bit of that David/Giovanni action, and it has just got better. Catriona McCall, star of such classics as "The Beyond", is now also going to be in attendance, thanks to the hard work of friend of the B-Team, Mr. Calum Waddell. Our collective hats are off to himself, Stewart at the Cult Fiction Movies (which will have a stall at the event, selling kick ass dvds) and the lovely Adam from the Jekyll & Hyde, who have made this all possible.

If all that isn't enough to get you there, David will be playing a range of songs he wrote for "Last House on the Left", amongst others, in your very own David Hess gig.

Tickets are on sale as we speak from, however, if you want to get your B-Team discount, you MUST buy them from either Cult Fiction Movies or the Jekyll & Hyde itself. Or just come to the B-Team on Monday for a wonderful double bill of Hollywood Africa and I'll sell them to you there.

ALSO, if you happen to live in Glasgow, there is another awesome event happening there in relation to this one! Details as follows:

Just wanted to say that anyone in Glasgow might want to be in the vicinity of the GFT (Glasgow Film Theatre) for a cool litte Friday/ Saturday of double bills in March.

On Friday March 12 Metrodome/ Cult Fiction Movies/ Jekyll and Hyde bar Edinburgh will present Ti West's HOUSE OF THE DEVIL with LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, which we're dubbing a "don't go in the house double"! The good news is that Last House main man David Hess will be in attendance for a Q and A with the audience and an autograph signing afterwards.

All this for just £10/ 8 conc (both movies).

With thanks to Cult Fiction Movies (

Just to confirm in advance, David will be charging a small fee for signatures, but he'll be hanging around after the movie to socialise with the fans irregardless of if you want his scribble or not.

Then on Saturday March 13th Arrow Video returns to the GFT with a dazzling double of THE BEYOND and CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD.

Legendary actress Catriona MacColl will be in attendance for BOTH films - her first time in the UK for over 15 years and her first ever Scottish appearance - whilst Giovanni Lombardo Radice will be in attendance for the latter movie - speaking about his many genre titles with the audience.

This is the FIRST time Hess and Radice have ever been in Scotland too - and it is also probably the only time you'll have the chance to get any of that House on the Edge of the Park signed by both stars.

Calum and Naomi ( will be filming Saturday's Q and A at the GFT (as they did with Day of the Dead - which will be out on Blu Ray March 29th complete with Robbie, Adam and Anthony from the Edinbugrh B-Team enthusing about Joe Pilato on the "Travelogue of the Dead" extra feature) with the results slated to be on a very special upcoming Arrow DVD... more on that soon!

Tickets are £10/ 8 conc for the Friday and £10/8 conc for the Saturday. Tickets on sale very soon at the GFT web site:

I know you are all excited, and damn right you should be. It is with the support of good people like you that such events can happen and keep happening in Edinburgh. You've brought across Lloyd Kaufman, Ken Foree and Joe Pilato already, and now these three. The world is our oyster friends. An oyster full of B-movie acting pearls.

Or something.



I think I'll have to get my House on the Edge of the Park locandina signed...

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