Sunday, 12 October 2008

Unusual Your Vice poster

I've never seen this one before:

Ebay link for anyone with $250 spare


Keith said...

I've never seen that one before either.

Ordel said...

Hola, Hello fantastic blog.

increible, IL TUO VIZIO very rare poster.

esta es the Spanish cover

Saludos desde Valencia, España

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Ordel said...

Sorry the image of spanish cover no es posible edit en blog.

En el especial Edwige Fenech, si se puede ver the frontal cover de IL TUO VIZIO.....*DOSSIERS%20CINE%20DE%20MEDIA%20NOCHE

Soiled Sinema said...

Nice blog

Drew said...

This is amazing. And I hope you don't mind, but I snagged a few poster images from you blog, with all due credit of course.

This blog is a good piece of work. Keep it up.

K H Brown said...

No problem Drew - I find most of these poster images when searching on Ebay anyway. Just wish I could do more than window shop much of the time.