Monday, 27 October 2008

Giochi erotici nella 3a galassia / Escape from Galaxy 3 / Starcrash II

While the original Starcrash could hardly be called a masterpiece, it is light years away from this in-name only sequel which reuses some of its predecessor's already not too special effects footage on multiple occasions, sometimes even playing the same shots forward and in reverse for further economy.

The key to the difference between the two films' actual approaches lies in Starcrash II / Escape from Galaxy 3's original Italian title: Giochi erotici nella 3a galassia or Erotic Games in the 3rd Galaxy.

Besides being a title more in keeping with director Bitto Albertini's previous work in the Emanuelle series it also highlights one of the weaknesses of the film compared to its predecessor: just who was it intended for?

The nudity would seem to rule out out children, yet the script, dialogue, costumes, production design and performances are of the sort that it's hard to believe the filmmakers could take the film seriously themselves let alone expect an adult audience to.

But while this admittedly leaves the possibilities of intentional camp or kitsch appeal, as with Flash and Flesh Gordon or certain pepla – a filone that the film is reminiscent of at times – one gets the impression that Albertini and company weren't really considering such possibilities.

The story begins with the evil Oraclon, the “king of the night,” announcing to the various planetary rulers that they must submit to his authority or else. He's played by Don Powell, costumed like he's auditioning for a place on the P-Funk Mothership or the Sun Ra Arkestra and, in line with such 'space is the place'-isms, also contributing a disco inferno type soundtrack complete with whacked out pitch-bending synth work.

One of these rulers, Ceylon, played by Chris Avram in what may be his given Romanian name, Cristea Auran, declines Oraclon's offer you can't refuse and thus seals the fate of his planet, Exolon, and its people. Two however escape: Princess Belle Star, played by Sherry / Cheryl Buchanan, and her loyal servant Lithan.

But with their spaceship damaged the pair are forced to set down on the nearest planet for repairs. The people there are primitive and initially give Belle and Lithan a hostile reception. Fortunately through demonstrating some of their magical / technological powers in saving a child from falling off a cliff, they earn the villagers' gratitude and permitted to stay.

Over the next few days Belle and Lithan learn something of primitives' ways, most notably in the form of mating and fertility ceremonies – on their home world, sex has long been abandoned on account of being incompatible with the immortality we now learn they possessed; they also curiously enough don't have water, except in museums, while the appearance of a domesticated water buffalo also causes terror – and come to respect their simpler way of life. Unfortunately with Oraclon closing in, they also know they must also leave before they bring doom to their new friends...

As another one of those films where a few stills tell you everything you really need to know, I'll say no more and let the pictures do the talking:

The throne room / command centre

The Princess and her space-knight

Don Powell

The closest we get to a Star Destroyer


Kim said...

You think STARCRASH was cheesy bad?! Well you haven't seen its sequel (in name only). Thank God that director Luigi Cozzi had nothing to do with this crap. Imagine the worst movie you've seen... well its a masterpiece compared to STARCRASH II.

Sherry Duchaman stars as Belle Star who's joined by Lithan (the goofy looking James Milton). They are escaping the attack of the evil lord Ureklon (Don Powell who wear the worst costume in sci-fi history). The two escapists find themselvse in a blue planet (guess which planet it is?! Duh!) where they discover love, throwing rocks and threesome. And no, we don't get any nudity... what a tease!

Knowing that the director's previous movies were BLACK EMANUELLE and BLACK EMANUELLE 2, its easy to understand why STARCRASH II went that direction. The lovely Sherry Duchaman also appeared in one of my all time fav zombie classic, ZOMBIE HOLOCAUST. Still this is no excuse for such a terrible movie. I will be forever traumatize for enduring that crap for 84 minutes.

As for the transfer, the movie is presented none-anamorphic in a 1.66:1 aspect ratio. The image looks very bad, imagine a poor VHS transfer. As for the audio, there's nothing really special about the 2.0 Dolby Surround French track. It sounds pretty average. No English subs are available. Now I'm asking myself... why the awful love song at the beginning? Why the dancer number? Why did I watched this?

Anonymous said...

I love this movie!

Anonymous said...

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