Saturday, 23 August 2008

Three upcoming releases from Shameless

The Designated Victim, Strip Nude for Your Killer and Oasis of Fear, all arriving on 15 September.

Especially nice to see The Designated Victim and Oasis of Fear, which have previously been hard to find.


Anonymous said...

Designated Victim has had a release by NEW.But apparently (according to the Shameless people)this version will be better.The NEW version had some inserts in an other AR.At least that's what I heard.


Crystal Plumage

PS:Another one they're working on is Le Orme/Footprints (on the Moon)
But nothing concrete yet.Elements are in a very bad shape I read.

K H Brown said...

Le Orme is a film I'd really like to see get a decent treatment. I've got two video copies of it. Neither is entirely satisfactory but the quality of the film shines through regardless. I'm not surprised to hear that the elements are in bad shape as I'd imagine its the kind of film which plenty of people in the cult DVD companies are aware of and would have thought about releasing before.