Saturday, 30 August 2008

Guess the film from the poster

It's one of those Polish posters, so unless you know the language it may be difficult :-)

The clue is that it's a giallo with either an animal and / or a number in its title.


jonny said...

It's Argento's CAT O' NINE TAILS!

To be honest I squinted and read Dario Argento and Karl Malden off the poster ;)

I'd never have got it otherwise, those Polish posters are pretty wild at times.

Anonymous said...

Without squinting I'd have guessed "The bloodstained shadow".

Anonymous said...

K- "Kat"
O- O'
9mm handgun- Nine
T- Tails

Bosnuk said...

This is too easy. Though it's quite strange that Argento movies had theatrical release in socialist Poland.
Anyways, classic Polish posters are always different from others. My personal favourite - poster for John Carpenter's Starman:

K H Brown said...

Thanks for the link to your blog Bosnuk - always good to find sites with posters.

As you say the Polish posters had their own style, very different from those of other countries. There used to be a shop in town here that sold reproductions of them, though I never got any. If they had had cult films I probably would have...