Wednesday, 5 September 2007

A nasty case of art imitating life

A Polish author has been convicted of murder, the details of his first novel betraying a closeness to a hitherto unsolved case:

Hope the guy never saw Tenebrae...

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valter said...

A Dutch writer, going by the unlikely name of Richard Klinkhamer (something like Richard Sledgehammer) murdered his wife with a crowbar in january 1991, and buried her remains under a garden shed.

Her corpse was discovered in 2000 by neighbours and Klinkhamer confessed to the crime.

Even before the corpse was found (!), Klinkhamer wrote a book about the murder case with a title which rougly translates as "Wednesday Minced Meat Day" (like 'Fish on friday'). Klinkhamer was unable to find a publisher until recently; the book is to come out in the next few months.

Though I've never read any book by Klinkhamer, he is supposedly influenced by Louis-Ferdinand Céline.

NBC programme Dateline made a documentary about Klinkhamer in the spring of 2000; in the same year an excerpt from Woendag Gehaktdag was published in People.

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