Monday, 10 September 2007

It's here

Yes, just as I finished adding the images for the Cross Current post, the postman buzzes with a delivery. The size of the package immediately indicates what it is: Tim Lucas's All the Colours of the Dark.

Don't expect too many posts for the next few days ;-)

Actually, I wonder if the cult cinema world could be about to experience its own variety of the Slashdot effect. This, named after the computer nerd website of the same name, is where a site suddenly gets a massive flood of traffic on account of being featured on Slashdot. In our case, however, it would probably be the other way round, manifesting as a sudden drop in postings and discussions as, all over the net, film nerds settle down to read all 1100+ pages of the book.

Kudos to Tim for completing a project that makes the 12 labours of Hercules look minuscule in comparison and which must, at times, have seemed like a Sisyphean task...

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