Friday, 10 May 2013

Creative Destruction makes for depressing reading.

The authors of the site allege, and provide plenty of evidence, that the owner of Creation Books, James Williamson, has systematically ripped off authors for over a decade.

This helps make sense of the recent Glitter Books publications of collections of essays on Dario Argento, Jean Rollin and others, each edited or co-edited by Jack Hunter. For Hunter is apparently a Williamson pseudonym, and Glitter one of his various imprints. Moreover, the essays in the Argento collection (by Xavier Mendik, Ray Guins and Julian Hoxter) had earlier been published in Creation publications in the 1990s.

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Jamie Rosen said...

I was disappointed when I came across the site about a week ago, because I'd recently purchased a book from them about a subject that interests me (grand guignol theatre.)

Partway through the first chapter, I'd noticed that there was no citations, no bibliography, and some awfully outlandish claims, so I googled the publisher and found, and learned that not only were my concerns probably justified, but a lot of other things seemed to be going on as well.

It's too bad, because they have a lot of books about interesting subject matter - but if they treat their authors like that, I don't want to support them.