Sunday, 11 July 2010

Musings on Virgins and Vampires

This 1997 book on Jean Rollin's films, written by Peter Blumenstock and published by Crippled Dick, occasionally shows up on Ebay.

Earlier today it sold for £77, more than I was willing to bid.

In relation to cult and culture I'm thus wondering if an interest in cult films thereby requires not just often considerable cultural and subcultural capital (e.g. the ability to justify a Rollin film as being worthy of study, perhaps through reference to Feuillade, Surrealism and so on) but also relatively high amounts of economic capital (owning a book like this, with Rollins own remarks about Feuillade, Surrealism etc.)


dfordoom said...

It sometimes seems to me that being a cult movie fan these days requires ever-increasing amounts of economic capital. So many DVDs out of print and becoming steadily more expensive, and the same story with books on the subject.

£77 is certainly way out of my league although it sounds like a great book.

luca canali said...

don't you worry too much, it seems to be a picture book with hardly any text (only short introductions by rollin himself)