Sunday, 17 January 2010

David Hess and John Morghen in Edinburgh

"Hey all, here is a message from our esteemed friend Adam at the Jekyll & Hyde:

Jekyll & Hyde and Cult Fiction Movies would like to invite you all to an evening in the company of Mr David Hess. Star of the infamous video nasty ‘Last House on the Left’. Also in attendance will be Giovanni Lombardo Radice star of ‘Cannibal Ferox’, ‘House on the edge of the park’ (Alongside David), ‘City of the Living Dead’ and many more. The Jekyll will be closed to the non ticket holding public specifically for this icon of the horror genre on March 14th 2010 in an evening packed with everything a budding movie goer could hope for in this fine old gothic venue. There will be movie showings in the crypt bar all evening with intros from David himself, who will be partaking in a Q&A session on the balcony section of the pub along with an opportunity to get your favourite movies signed. The event will be brought to a close with David playing a live set featuring songs from the soundtrack of ‘Last House’ originally composed by himself .

Tickets will be priced at £6/£5 concessions (with an additional small autograph charge). The concessionary price is offered to students, members of the Edinburgh B-Team and The Edinburgh Zombie Club. Tickets are available from the following outlets.

The Jekyll & Hyde, Cult Fiction Movies and Ticket Scotland

Sounds pretty fucking awesome if you acks me!"

I would concur, and will post more as I know it.


Ellen Mc. said...

OH wow! Did you end up going? Wonder if he brought any of his perfumes along with him. Sadly they are no longer for sale on his site, I wish I could remember the titles now ("Scent of Fear" may have been one of them).
Hmmm I never did order his album "Climbing Up The Sunshine Path"

K H Brown said...

It's not been yet.

I believe David Hess wrote 'Speedy Gonzales', while I want to ask Giovanni Lombardo Radice about his grandparent (?) an Italian educationalist.

Ellen Mc. said...

yes, he did write S.G. didn't he, as well as "All Shook Up" amongs others. songs I misread the date there. it sounds like it'll be a fab evening. Enjoy it.