Wednesday, 9 December 2009


I hadn't noticed how strongly Noshame seems to have come back:

Lucifera looks particularly interesting - does anyone know if it has anything to do with the fumetti of the same name? And doesn't the man's face come from the poster for Lo spettro?


Anonymous said...

What links are there between NoShame and Mya? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Lucifera is L’amante del demonio starring Rosalba Neri. Image quality is on par with VHS.

The links to NoShame are weak, it's not actually the same company rather it's one of the business partners who has gone off on their own.

It's a shame that MYA are often referred to as NoShame because unlike NoShame's impeccable reputation for releasing quality product MYA have so far managed to put out some terrible quality DVDs which has had many people speculating as to whether any of their releases are actually authorised.

K H Brown said...

Thanks for the info. I'm watching Evil Face AKA The Hand that Feeds the Dead just now, and enjoying it as a film, but the presentation is not what it could be.