Sunday, 5 April 2009

Poster purchases

Via Ebay, around £50 in total with current poor exchange rates.

House on the Edge of the Park

Suspicious Death of a Minor

Seven Shawls of Yellow Silk / The Crimes of the Black Cat


Cosby said...

that deodato poster is great! which seller did you buy from - and are there more?

K H Brown said...

I got all three from seller toffocard

He has a lot of film and other posters and emphemera, including some other gialli, pepla etc.

I don't know if there are more of the House one - I suspect not, because of its having the sticker on it, suggesting it was from a theatre rather than unused stock.

Normally I avoid ones with writing on them, though in this case since it fills up the top box I don't mind so much :-)

Cosby said...

thanks, im gonna check out his store.

i got a few from fantomas38000, who you linked to a while back, and i was very happy with them, especially bava's shock poster.

it looked a lot like this -