Monday, 29 December 2008

The fan community at its best


Nigel M said...

yes keith,

some excellent work is being done there- it meant I got to see Fulci's the theives the other day in an english friendly version- thanks to this dude he has unlocked for fulci fans nearly all the remaining titles for fulci fans - I understand that he has La Pretora as a work in progress at the min.

One thing I was impressed with was not just the translations themselves but how in translating a comedy has retained the humour -

This sub for How We Robbed The Bank Of Italy was an absolute delight.

I know in order to see the films of our choice we will put up with sometimes awful subbing just to get to see a title at all but not a problem this time.

I have added incidentally the Fulci for The Thieves but I understand there may be a revised version to these in the new year (they are probably 95%+ complete) currently misses out some longer pieces of dialogue from Toto.

Reading on CG forum the guy behind the subtitles site is only about 3 titles short of all the early Fulci's so that will fill one hell of a lot of gaps.

K H Brown said...

I watched I Ladri this evening, which is where I noticed their URL. I really enjoyed it and will be posting my thoughts later today I guess.

I'll need to go through my Fulci stuff and see what I have previously watched without subtitles and whether there are now subtitles or subtitles in the works.

Nigel M said...

I think there is a little more info on what the guy is planning on the CG fansub forum keith.

The guy has inspired me to start writing about Fulci myself now we have the opportunity to appraise a wider range of his work. I avoided overly doing so in the past.

so I have added this to my growing mini empire of blogs-