Sunday, 15 June 2008

Bathman dal pianeta Eros

What could be better or worse – depending on taste – than an ultra low budget Italian Batman rip-off / spoof?

Holy lawsuits Batman!

How about an ultra low budget Italian hardcore porn Batman rip-off / spoof?

Some alien android, I think

If you're not sold on the film or scurrying for cover yet, consider also that it stars none other than Mark Shannon, he of Joe D'Amato's Dominican Republic sex and horror epics and the lumpy scrotum, in the title role.

The Penguin, Joker and Catwomen

That there's not terribly much more can be said about the near plotless series of sexual numbers that follow, except for that they also feature Bathman's female sidekick, a gender shift obviously intended to avoid any suggestion of the camp crusader's not being one hundred percent heterosexual, though we also get a gay Penguin, along with the Joker and a Catwoman or two, along with a Commissioner Gordon clone, who gets turned gay; holy subtexts batman!

The gay Penguin looks away in disgust at two of his minions' heterosexual antics

What one does wonder, however, is how the big studios and corporations and their porn industry counterparts negotiate films like Bathman, perhaps more particularly in the US context. Do sound-alike porn films simply fly under the radar of the big studios? Do they avoid acting because it might be self-defeating, drawing more attention to the porn product, in a Streisand Effect manner? Do the porn producers know how far they need to go to produce something that's a parody rather than plagiarism, or which no reasonable individual could ever mistake for the real thing?

Robina engages in some auto-erotic activity

Perhaps the most incredible thing of all, however, is that Bathman isn't even the nadir of the Batman porn films, with that honour going to the once seen never forgotten Batpussy, a film which can only be summarised by the final words of Heart of Darkness: the horror, the horror!

Does this really need an explanatory caption?

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