Sunday, 8 July 2007

Ever get the feeling you live in the wrong country?

A few books from Italy I may have to acquire...


luca canali said...

don't judge a book by its cover! although i didn't read these books, at least i had the chance to leaf through them... as far as i remember, the book on edwige doesn't have any pictures at all, as the monezza one. the third one has different fumetti short stories, but somehow i didn't feel like buying it at the time, so i think that isn't so great, either. one book i can recommend is
"99 donne - Stelle e stelline del cinema italiano" by Manlio Gomarasca & Davide Pulici ( it has lots of great interviews with female stars of italian genre cinema 1960s - 1980s, plus there is an english translation of those in the annex. and nocturno magazine has great extra booklets every month that are worth buying for the pictures only, if you don't understand italian.

K H Brown said...

Thanks for the information Luca - might save someone from buying something not so good sight unseen, and for the link to the Bloodbuster store.