Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Door into Darkness subtitles

A while back I got the Greek release of Argento's Door into Darkness TV series, which is without English subtitles. I remember vaguely seeing a torrent of the series, or at least the Argento-directed episodes and programme introductions with a subtitle file, but couldn't figure out how to download just the subtitled. So, does anyone have any English subtitle files for the series I could get a copy of or else know where one can be found online?



Anonymous said...

Hi Keith!

There is one copy of The German edition (Dragon film) on ebay:

It includes English subtitles.



K H Brown said...

I've been sent the subtitle files - thanks for the heads up about the Dragon disc though :-)

Stephen Grimes said...

Marc Morris posted on his pre-cert forum that NoShame USA are to release this with English subs sometime soon.