Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Squadra Gialli / Krimi Corner

Although the internet has been a great boon for fans of cult cinema everywhere, putting us in near instantaneous contact with one another and giving the opportunity to share information, opinions and more, one thing it sometimes gets accused of is leading to a decline in more traditional fan culture activities.

Happily it does not have to be a case of one or the other, as a couple of recent “by the fans, for the fans” projects deserving of your support ably illustrate.

The first, by the amiable Jonny Redman of Lovelock and Load is a CD entitled Squadra Gialli, a compilation of choice cuts from 70s gialli and poliziesco themes (plus the odd horror cue, like a cut from Giuliano Sorgini's Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue score that gives Stelvio Cipriani or Franco Micalizzi a run for their money in the funk groove stakes) sequenced into a non-stop 50 minute mix. Great to go with the J&B at your next themed party...

Jonny also has an earlier lovelockandload mix available for download.

The second, by the indefatigable Mirek Lipinski of Latarnia is the first issue of on-going quarterly newsletter dedicated to the German Edgar Wallace krimis. The first issue features a profile of Wallace, checklist of Rialto releases, and an informative and insightful review of the Retromedia DVD of The Monster of London City and The Secret of the Red Orchid.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I really enjoy your page! I picked up the 1st issue of "Krimi Corner". I enjoyed the extensive review
of the Monster/Red Orchid DVD quite a bit, as I had just purchased said DVD. Hopefully future issues will be larger!

Keep up the good work on this blog!