Sunday, 26 November 2006

Argento and the fumetti

I recently got Jean-Baptiste Thoret's Dario Argento, magicien de la peur, in which he suggests the fumetti character Kriminal as a possible inspiration for Mater Tenebrarum's skeleton form at the end of Inferno. This made me want to find out more about the fumetti than the little I had already been exposed to - a brief appendix in Pete Tombs and Cathal Tohill's wonderful Immoral Tales and the film adaptations of Kriminal, Diabolik and Valentina in Baba Yaga. It was cool, then, to find a blog about the fumetti and a version of Biancaneve - i.e. Snow White - that was very different from the Disney one that part-inspired Suspiria -


Anonymous said...

In case you don't know this blog aready, try

Great work, btw

K H Brown said...

Thanks for the link - a lot of useful stuff there.